How to see (or not to see) difference between 35-mm and medium format camera

January 16, 2014   2474 views

Once upon a time on my workshop I took out my equipment: Hasselblad H3DII with 31-megapixel sensor. And I heard a whisper among my students: "Well, yes, now it is clear why his pictures are so beautiful”. And “experts" agreed in response to that: “If we had such cameras we would ...". Smile came to my mouth.

It is so ofter when an amateur photographers in anticipation of nice equipment wait for some result in future. When they get good camera, studio, lighting equipment etc. “Why should I try now if I have cheap simple camera?” Forgetting the cardinal rule of a successful person: You should try here and now! And you have to try to achieve result with conditions you have now.

I remember the "golden age" when I shot with my 350D (Rebel) in a small studio in my apartment. I do not call to that but always shrug my shoulders when I hear: "If I had such equipment…”

At that workshop we open discussion when students reasoned that Hassel makes a completely different pictures. The magic of medium format, they say. I picked up a Canon 400D (Rebel) with kit lens from one of my students and took a few pictures. With the same lighting setup and the same pose of model I did it before with my Hasselblad.

When we opened those pictures on my computer and looked at them, the debates abated. Yes, a little more noises, yes, litter less details… But aesthetic, perception were not changed. Were not changed!

And I decided to make an experiment. I put those two images on my blog and asked my readers: Where is Hasselblad picture and where is Canon D400 picture? Can you distinguish? (Answers a little later)

Hassel and Rebel, difference between medium format and 35 mm cameras Hassel and Rebel, difference between medium format and 35 mm cameras

P.S. For me, Hasselblad - it is not possibility to make beautiful pictures. Everyone understands, people agree that picture is the same everywhere! For me it is a huge reserve of power - for following postprocessing, crop etc ...

I wish you all to have expensive cameras, but remember: not the camera makes the pictures but you!