How to create picture with a cloud of light around the model with mixed lighting technology

October 19, 2015   3125 views

color gel amber filter lighting setup model

When I was thinking about how to make a high key picture where I had to capture a model with a ring with a large amber stone, I realized that I needed a picture not just toned with this amber color, but I needed a picture burning, shining and playing with those colors the ring had.

And shooting with mixed lighting would be the best decision here! This technique could help to create a cloud of light around the model, an effect of "glowing". If I made just toned photo it would be quite simple. To select the most suitable gel and to cover the source of the fill light with it. As usual I get very soft fill light directing lighting unit to the white wall of my studio and changing of color of the fill light in this case is a question of a couple of seconds.

However I wanted different result, and only a long, very long exposure would not only paint the shadows, but literally wrap model with continuous light, make it shining with amber color. I needed to not just make a few strokes with color continuous light around the model but choose such shutter speed when the lines of continuous light merged into a single mass having no details, no strokes, no pattern. Just a cloud of bright amber light equally distributed all over the entire picture. And I did not need to use any sort of gels. We know that continuous halogen light, if it is used without any gels, has the same color. Exactly like strobe light with 204 CTO Orange conversion gel (of course if we use the camera's color temperature of 5600). Warm amber-orange!

color gel filter 204

Using an octobox as a soft key light source with strobe lamp I put two small softboxes with halogen lamp behind the model. And received neutral picture from key light and amber-orange from back softboxes. Then I used 4-second exposure to “dissolve” this continuous light around the model. I moved my camera with smooth non-stop motion, creating a glow effect, similar in color to the stone ring on her hand. Like a painter with huge brush I applied this color on the canvas of my picture. That’s it! It’s very easy!

color gel filter lighting setup model high key

Camera info:
Camera: Hasselblad H3DII
Lens: Hasselblad 4.0 210 mm
Aperture: f / 11
Shutter speed: 4 seconds
ISO: 100