How to effectively use Profoto Spot Small lighting modifier

August 5, 2015   7421 views

On my studio photography workshops I always tell my students that they have not to be afraid of shadows. Shadows help us show volume of the picture, to create compositional perfection. I knew a lot of photographers, and usually they are amateurs who just came to my workshop, who considered shadows coming from model as a defect of the picture. And they always asked me how to remove shadows from the picture! And I always answered why do you need to do that? Why do you want to deprive your picture of beauty? Why do you want to make your picture flat and empty?

I love shadows and I like to play with them. And you know that the more hard light we use, the more harsh edges of the shadow we get. I.e. more visible and more structured shadow. Thatís why I like standard reflectors! But you know they are not absolutely hard. To compare it to the sunlight, they are more and more soft. What to do if we need sun-style, very hard light?

There are several ways but the easiest (but not the cheapest ?) is to use Profoto Spot Small. It contains lens inside and it helps to produce very hard light without significant loss. Look at this picture. It is made with only one lighting unit with Profoto Spat Small as a lighting modifier.

Profoto Spot Small

You see this shadow makes the picture. Of course, together with incredible model! But the second reason I like to use Profoto Spot Small is an ability to use Gobo masks. Look at that.

Profoto Spot Small lighting modifier

The same models, the same lighting setup, the same lighting unit with the same lighting modifier but I used Gobo mask with parallel, jalousie-style lines. And thatís it. Very easy but very spectacular!

Try it!

It's worth it!

Good Luck!