How to achieve the most soft light you can get in the studio

April 2, 2015   8422 views

Fashion photographers think so often that only sophisticated lighting setups could help them to create nice high key pictures. Setups with some secret lighting modifiers which master keeps in dark closet and use only when all instead his assistant leave his studio. Setups with a dozen flash heads and a dozen power packs. Is it true?

Do you know how to create very soft, nice picture with only one lighting unit without umbrella or softbox?

Do you know what is supersoft light? No?

Here it is!

You know that: The closer the source, the softer the light becomes. And vice versa: the further the distance, the harder the light. Right?

But if we work with bouncing light from some wide white surface, the law becomes reverse. The closer lighting unit to the surface, the harder the light. And vice versa.

Why? The spot of the light becomes larger and larger when we move the lighting unit further and further from the surface. And the light becomes more and more soft.

Supersoft very soft light in studio setup  Supersoft lighting setup in the studio  Supersoft soft light in studio lighting setup, bouncing light  Supersoft bouncing light

Take a look at these pictures. I move the lighting unit from the wall (which works as a wide white surface) and you see the light becomes softer and softer. In the first picture the lighting units stands only 3 feet from the wall, in the last one 18 feet from the wall. You see and feel difference. Yes!

You see super soft light in the last picture. The light that doesn’t have shadows at all.

Where can we get the best wide white surface in a studio?

Right! Ceiling!

The whitest, the widest, and with the best position. Because you know that the key light has to come from above model’s eyes level. Always. Instead of situation when you want to create something really specific.

So in this picture I used this decision. One lighting unit facing to the ceiling of the studio.

Supersoft soft light in studio setup

Really fast, simple and so effective decision? Giving us so nice result? Yes! Right!

Good Luck!