How to setup a shoot on location

November 27, 2013   4057 views

outdoor photography in Central Park

Sometimes it happens that as a fashion photographer you work for a lot of hours on just one idea and get uninteresting ordinary pictures, but otherwise it happens that 15-minutes shoot gives you really unpredictable and excellent result.

So here. It was so cold in September in New York and the model who just arrived from Florida felt very uncomfortable in this weather. She asked me not to prolong the shoot so much. It was going to rain so I felt I had to work fast.

I put the model on the bench. The light that went among the huge threes was soft but its direction was not nice. It went down from above model so it made not beauty picture of light on modelís face.

So I needed to correct it and I took the battery pack with strobe flash. It that case I didnít have to have a lot of power and simple camera flash Canon 580 connected by Pocket Wizard with my Hasselblad camera was exactly what I needed.

I put this flash on the stand and used little white umbrella. It was placed in less than one meter from modelís face and if the picture were wider you could see this umbrella on the right side of the photo.

The flash added soft light that was correct. It has nice direction to the modelís face but it was so strong. To redraw the light picture on modelís face means to add more strong (even soft) light to her face. It means also that I had to change aperture to correct volume of light on modelís face. It means therefore that surrounded areas that didnít get strobe light would be darker.

When I converted picture I got two images from RAW file. One TIFF was with zero correction of exposure Ė for modelís face and body. And the second TIFF had +1.5 stops exposure correction Ė for surrounded areas. I took necessary parts of picture from every TIFF and got very good exposured picture with nice and beauty light on modelís face.

Good light in your lighting.